Camera Options

There are various video and photo options.

Not all drop zones offer all of the different camera options.

Having an Outside Camera Flyer in the air with you greatly enhances the sensory experience as you get to see and interact with someone else flying in freefall with you – and you get a kick arse edited video of you flying in the sky looking cool! Highly recommended!

Your Tandem Instructor will carry one of those little HD video cameras on his hand and is accustomed to filming your entire experience from this excellent perspective.

The HandiCam also captures some magic moments with the parachute flight.

An experienced skydiver and camera flyer mounts cameras on their head and joins you for your entire experience, interacting with you, photographing and filming everything as they fly around you in freefall.

The video footage is from a third eye perspective and the ultimate way of capturing the essential exit sequence out of the aircraft.

Highly recommended.

Actually flying with someone else in freefall completes the sensory experience.

Request both HandiCam and an Outside Camera Flyer for the best possible final edit and exciting memory of your experience! It will cost a little more, but is well worth it!

On special request, additional cameras can be mounted and placed.

Additional charges may apply.

As a general rule, your photos and video will be edited and provided a short while after you land, and provided on a CD, a DVD or a Memory Stick.

Please be patient whilst the data is captured and edited and be sure to check that it works before you leave the drop zone.

For groups, a master group production can be edited and duplicated. This may cost extra, will take a little longer to produce and deliver, and would need to be requested in advance as a special request.

Due to the extreme nature of the conditions, technicalities of digital equipment, and the variables involved in skydiving generally, videography, photography, and final results cannot be guaranteed.

In the event you are dissatisfied, if a camera should malfunction, or if your DVD doesn’t work – please discuss it first with the drop zone operator and report it to us as soon afterwards as possible.