Drop Zones

Drop Zones are basically Country Clubs with a huge playground in the sky.

Each drop zone is unique with different operational days, times, booking procedures, and individual club rules.

Friendly relaxed family environments most drop zones have above average facilities that include a clubhouse, canteen, bar, braai areas and in most cases even a swimming pool.

Not all drop zones offer student training and not all drop zones offer all of the different camera options. Some drop zones may operate on a specific day / during the week on special request for a confirmed group booking. Some drop zones have accommodation for students, most will let you to put your tent up for the weekends whilst training.

Prices also vary slightly between operations.

Whichever drop zone you make your jumps at, it is advisable to pack a picnic basket and whatever else you might need to make yourselves comfortable and to plan to make a day of it.

Please understand that skydiving is a recreational aviation sports activity with most drop zones being clubs. There are a number of people involved in both keeping the sport alive and in the operational management of drop zones. Everyone will do their best to make your experience magical so please be nice and friendly at all times – It is also their weekend…

Please let us know in advance if you have special requests or requirements.

In Gauteng we skydive between:

>> SkyDive Rustenburg (Rustenburg Airfield)
>> SkyDive Parys (Stonehenge in Africa on the Vaal River)
>> Pretoria Skydiving Club (Wonderboom Airport)
>> Mother City SkyDiving – Cape Town

These are premier drop zones with excellent facilities that include a canteen, braai areas, shade areas, bar, swimming pool…

We will advise you, handle your enquiry, and facilitate your bookings for any drop zone in South Africa, and for organised skydiving events.

Cape Town

>> Mother City SkyDiving – Cape Town

Eastern Province

>> EP Skydivers (Grahamstown)


>> Skydive Central (Tempe Airfield – Bloemfontein)

Garden Route

>> Skydive Mossel Bay
>> Skydive Oudtshoorn
>> Skydive Plett
>> Skydive Knysna


>> Johannesburg Skydiving Club (Carltonville)
>> Witbank Skydiving Club

Kwa-Zulu Natal

>> Durban Skydive Centre (Eston)
>> Skydive Ballito


>> Swakopmund Skydiving Club (year round and the annual Desert Boogie)


>> Occasional Skydiving events in and around Gaborone


>> From time to time skydiving over Victoria Falls is offered and available


>> Occasional Skydiving events in Inhambane

For more information about skydiving events happening around Southern Africa, both at existing drop zones and at special away events – see the Events section of this website.

We will do our best to facilitate your booking at the time and place you desire and will advise you where we are jumping when, and what the best options are for you around your requested dates and times.

Please rather leave your pets at home – if you absolutely have to take your dog along please enquire in advance as most drop zones are obviously on airfields with rules over and above the drop zones own.

Some drop zones are in a position able to be more accommodating than others when it comes to dogs.

Remember these are all active airfields with inherent dangers if a dog suddenly wants to go running after a rabbit!

Control your animals and pick up their mess if you do take them along.

Deposits are required at the time of booking.

Full payment/balance of payment is required before skydiving.

It is advisable to make EFTs for the full amount at the time of making your booking and/or in advance of arriving at the drop zone.

Remember that most drop zones do not have credit card facilities.

Take along proof of payment printouts, and to take some extra cash with you to the drop zone when you go.

Skydiving and parachuting operations are conducted at drop zones registered with the Association of Drop Zone Operators (ADZO), an autonomous subsidiary of the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA).

All skydiving and parachuting operations are conducted under the supervision of a PASA approved Chief Instructor, in accordance with the PASA Manual of Procedures (MOPs) and part 105 of the SA Civil Aviation (SA-CAA) Regulation.

PASA is approved by the SA Civil Aviation Authority as an Aviation Recreation Operation – Approval number CAA/ARO/0004 and registered as a Public Benefit Organisation PBO 930014768

Drop zones and skydiving clubs have their own individual club rules and terms and conditions.

Outside of South Africa skydiving and parachuting operations fall under the local Civil Aviation Authority or Military.