Skydiving is not the cheapest sport in the world, that much is true.

As the cost of oil (and everything else) goes up, so does the cost to skydive.

Which means the best time to start skydiving or to make that parachute display happen is RIGHT NOW.

The costs vary ever so slightly with each drop…

As a result, we do not publish all of the different prices for all of the different elements for all of the different drop zones here on this site.

We guarantee that you will get exactly the same price through us as you will if you book and pay direct with individual drop zones.

Remember – an experience is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer!

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Bookings subject to availability on a first come first served basis.

Deposits secure booking.

Full payment / balance of payment is required before skydiving.

We guarantee that you will get exactly the same price through us as you will if you book and pay direct with the individual drop zones.

We do not mark up individual drop zones rates.

A weekday surcharge and / or minimum numbers apply during the week for most drop zones.

An introduction to the sport of SkyDiving or a once-off experience of a lifetime, a Tandem Introductory SkyDive is unquestionably the quickest, easiest and safest way to experience skydiving for the first time.

Your FreeFall experience couldn’t be easier or more fun.

We will facilitate your bookings for any drop zone in South Africa.

A Tandem Introductory SkyDive will cost between around R 2 500 – R 3 000

Video options range from an additional R 600.00 to R 2 000.00 for Deluxe Camera packages.

Some drop zones offer beach landings and extra altitude for an additional fee.

Not all drop zones offer all of the different camera options.

Some drop zones will operate during the week for advance group bookings though a surcharge and / or minimum numbers may apply.

We reserve the right to charge additional for anything extraordinary or unusual.

In addition, a weight surcharge applies for anyone over 105 kgs.

> 105 to 110kgs – R 200 additional
> 111 to 115kgs – R 400 additional
> 116 to 120kgs – R 800 additional

The combined weight of the tandem instructor and passenger must not exceed 200 kgs – you may also need to wait for favourable conditions on the day.

Only possible at certain drop zones and under certain conditions.

The 10 level / 10 jump Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program is the modern fast track method designed to develop you into a competent skydiver in the shortest period of time.

For the first 3 AFF Levels you have two AFF Instructors.

AFF Level 1 also includes your Ground School, Log Book, Licence and PASA Membership.

The rate per AFF Level includes you pre-jump brief, ride to altitude, your skydive, your AFF Instructors, post-jump debrief, your equipment hire and parachute packing.

> AFF Level 1 – approx cost = R 2 800
> AFF Levels 2 & 3 – approx cost = R 2 000 each
> AFF Levels 4, 5, 6 & 7 – approx cost = R 1 500.00 each
> AFF Levels 8, 9 & 10 – approx cost = R 1 000.00 each

Total AFF Course:

> The 10 Level 10 Jump AFF Course will cost you in in the region of between R 17 000 and R 20 000 in total (dependant on which Drop Zone you complete your training at).

So, on average R 1 700 – R 2 000 per jump for your first 10 jumps.

You should aim to complete at least the first 3 AFF Levels in your first weekend of skydiving.

We charge you in full for you first 3 AFF Levels at the time of confirming your place at the next appropriate Ground School, thereafter your AFF instructors (and new best buddies) will look after you.

You should aim to complete the full AFF course in as shorter period of time as possible – we advise that you budget financially and make a personal time commitment accordingly.

To obtain video footage of your AFF jumps speak directly with your AFF Instructors.

Once you have graduated from the AFF Programme you will be charged for your slot in the aircraft, equipment hire and parachute packing at the going club member rates.

We will gladly issue you with a digital and printable gift voucher once we have finalised your enquiry and received full payment.

The cost of each individual parachute display varies depending on where, when, what and how…

The quoted fee will typically include:

• Display organisation, management and coordination.
• Liaison with appropriate authorities, associations and bodies.
• Administration, permits, clearances, authorisations, licences, applications and fees as required.
• Site inspection.
• Ground crew.
• Ground smoke / landing area wind indicator.
• 3rd party public liability insurance.
• Suitable aircraft and pilot.
• Display execution.
• All associated payments and expenses.

Additional displays at the same event and venue will generally work out slightly cheaper to execute each time.

You are welcome to provide us with branded clothing to wear for your display.

Crowd interaction, prize giving and general photo and media opportunities immediately after the display is included as part of the friendly service.

The flying of small flags and banners and the delivery of additional small symbolic items that can be carried safely is also included, we do however prefer to have flags and banners made up by our supplier as then we know they will pack small and fly well.

The following options carry additional charges:

• Use of a helicopter – can be used simultaneously to deliver VIPs to the event, for aerial photography and videography, and for the parachute display itself.
• Smoke canisters – activated whilst under parachute (various colours)
• Additional ground smoke (various colours)
• Water landings
• Night displays
• Night flares – activated whilst under parachute (very bright)
• Aerial and air-to-air photography and videography.
• Printing of branded banners – small, medium, large and massive…
• Oversized banner flying.
• Special item delivery.
• Special requests.

A minimum of 5 working days is typically required for our permit application process.

Ideally you should enquire and confirm as soon as far in advance as possible to allow for relaxed and smooth planning and execution – we ideally like to have everything confirmed, approved and in place at least two weeks before any parachute display.

For high profile public events we typically need to attend Joint Operations Command (JOC) meetings and are required to provide additional documentation – please allow additional time to plan and administrate for larger high profile public events.

A “no jump” fee normally applies should for any reason a parachute display not be possible due to situations out of our control, including weather or last minute cancellation for whatever reason.

Branded Banners of varying sizes from small to medium to massive can be custom made and flown behind each parachutist. Depending on size and complexity they cost between R 800 (small and simple) and R 8 000 (large and complex) to design and have manufactured.

We prefer to have flags, banners and streamers made up by our preferred supplier as then we know they will pack small, fly well, and be safe.

Branded Parachutes are custom designed and manufactured incorporating your logo or message into the actual parachute. Modern parachutes are good for in the region of 1 000 skydives.

Delivery time approx 8 – 12 weeks.

Cost approx R 28 000 each (main parachute only – branded)

We will provide design and layout concepts, facilitate the order, test jump and maintain the equipment. When you want your branded parachutes flown we rig them up to our existing unbranded harnesses, and make it happen.

Full Branded Parachute Systems are custom designed and manufactured incorporating your logo or message into the harness and parachute. Modern parachute systems are good for 25 years.

Delivery time approx 12 – 14 weeks

Cost approx R 65 000 each (full parachute system including reserve and branded main parachute)

We will provide design and layout concepts, facilitate the order, test jump and maintain the equipment. When you want your full branded parachute systems flown we make it happen.