Adding aerial entertainment and excitement at events both large and small, high impact choreographed skydiving displays never fail to command the full attention of everyone – male & female, young & old, at the event or nearby – and can be incorporated into events, launches and promotions in a range of creative ways.

Over the years we have performed literally thousands of parachute displays for a diverse range of clients, brands and sponsors, into a diverse range of high profile events at prestigious venues both locally and internationally.

We have an established reputation and an excellent track record for consistently bringing massive amounts of entertainment and excitement, whilst delivering an excellent return on investment and media value for our clients and sponsors.

We look forwards to working with you and your team to discuss any specific ideas, and in coordinating creative, spectacular, unique and safe skydiving displays for your events, launches and promotions.

Parachute displays can be performed pretty much anywhere, out of a range of aircraft (fixed wing, helicopter, microlight, classic or novelty aircraft and more…), anytime, night or day.
Parachute landing areas can be reasonably small and tight, surrounded by obstacles, into the water, and even on top of something… like a roof!

All skydiving displays begin with a site inspection, introductions of our designated ground crew to the event / crowd management representative for the event, and a safety briefing.

Our ground crew liaises between parties to ensure appropriate safety coordination on the ground as well as effective timing of the display.

The aircraft will fly overhead and position upwind for the drop, a smoke canister or flare will be fired as a signal for the crowd and as a wind speed and direction indicator for the parachutists.

The parachutists exit the aircraft, freefall, activate parachutes and set up for landing in the predetermined area.

If there are flags, banners, streamers or coloured smokes to be released or activated this will be done once the parachutes are fully opened and flying.

The freefall and parachute flying time depends on the exit altitude, air space and altitude clearances, air traffic and weather conditions at the time.

From exit to landing each parachute will typically be flying for between 3 and 6 minutes in total, ending in a spectacular swooping and accurately executed landing.

On landing the parachutists can select winners for prizes, hand over a symbolic item and can interact with the crowd and media for photographic opportunities etc…

All organisational elements relevant to the parachute display, from administration, permits, aircraft, ground crew and insurance right down to the landings and transport to and from the event will be handled by us.

A great way to raise funds and cover the cost of parachute displays is the tried tested and proven “Paper Plate Competition”.

Paper plates are both pre-sold and sold at the event, names and cell phone numbers are written on the back. Shortly before the parachute display the paper plates are spread out over the identified parachute landing area. On landing the parachutists pick up a predetermined amount of paper plates, these denote the winners of prizes.

Prizes can be bought or donated, with the profit from paper plate competition going towards a specific fund or charity as determined by the event organisers.

A number of schools make use of this model and have successfully raised large sums of money for various funds and causes.

As an additional incentive those that sell the most paper plates can potentially be brought to the event via helicopter, and the same helicopter used for the parachute display.

Flown behind each parachutist, small, medium and large branded flags, banners, or streamers can be provided, or designed and made up specifically.

Different coloured smoke can be used creatively on the ground and in the air, with each parachutist being able to fly with a variety of different coloured smoke canisters.

At night we attach bright burning flares, attached via a specialized bracket to each parachutists foot, these illuminate each parachutist spectacularly and burn out shortly after landing.

We prefer to have flags and banners designed and made up specifically by our preferred supplier, as then we know they will be made of the right material, will pack small, fly well and look good.

Remember a “banner flying service” could be offered to event sponsors and / or exhibitors present at, or associated with, your event.

Additional symbolic or branded items can be carried by each parachutist and handed over on landing to the spectators or an event official, sponsor, dignitary or celebrity.

Previously we have delivered medals, prizes, soccer balls, the keys to a brand new Harley Davidson… even a celebratory cigar!

On Valentines day we release thousands of rose petals whilst under parachute.

Over Easter we drop hundreds of small chocolates from under parachute.

For Nelson Mandela’s Anti Crime Drive we dropped 60 000 postcards over the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

On New Years Eve we once delivered the South African Flag and presented it to the bishop to mark the start of the peace proceedings into FNB Soccer City Stadium

We have delivered the official trophies into some of South Africa’s major sporting events, namely:

  • The Castle Premiership Trophy
  • Telkom Knockout Trophy
  • The ABSA Curry Cup Trophy
  • The ABSA Premiership Trophy
  • The MTN 8 Trophy

And even a handwritten message from Archbishop Desmond Tutu into the Castle of Good Hope for an event on World Malaria Day to welcome Kingsley Holgate and his team back from their circumnavigation of Africa.

On special request and subject to specific approval and clearances there is the possibility to bring a celebrity or VIP into an event via tandem skydive.

Branded parachutes incorporate colours and prominently featuring branding, a logo or message are an excellent and cost-effective way to have a brand flown at, incorporated into and part of, high profile events nationally.

Custom designed and manufactured branded parachutes take approximately 8 – 10 weeks to manufacture and have a lifespan in excess of 1 000 skydives.

We will provide design and layout concepts, facilitate your order, test jump and maintain the equipment.

Your branded parachutes will be available for displays anywhere, anytime, at your request. We will also keep you updated as additional opportunities to fly your branded parachutes

Branded parachutes are hooked up to existing Parachute Systems (harnesses) prior to the specific display.

For a full professional parachute display team and regular high profile event appearances (and to maximize on brand positioning and photographic opportunities both before and after parachute displays) it is recommended to have full Parachute Systems (harness) designed and manufactured in corporate colours, featuring branding and logos prominently / in appropriate places.

Custom designed and manufactured full Parachute Systems (harnesses) take approximately 12 – 14 weeks to manufacture, and have a lifespan of 25 years.

Your fully branded Parachute Systems will be ready for displays anywhere, anytime, at your request.

We will also keep you updated as additional opportunities to fly your fully branded Parachute Systems at events around the country come up.

Literally, anything can be branded, small items can be carried, dropped or handed out on the landing.

Corporate branding and messages can be featured on clothing and either made up specifically or provided – essential for pre and post-jump photo and media opportunities.

Branded wind blades are used as wind speed and direction indicators on the ground and both in and around the parachute landing areas.

Wind blades can be effectively positioned as part of the displays.

If the parachute display venue is on private property we require written landowners authorisation stating that we have permission to land parachutes on the property.

If the parachute display venue is on public property we require written local municipality authorisation, stating that we have permission to land parachutes on the property.

We compile the required documentation and make the necessary applications to RAASA, CAA and PASA.

For larger high profile events we often need to engage with the official Joint Operations Command (JOC) – which is made up of local authorities and disaster management representatives. Please allow additional time to plan and administrate for larger high profile public events.

Ideally, you should enquire and confirm as soon as far in advance as possible to allow for relaxed and smooth planning and execution – we ideally like to have everything confirmed, approved and in place at least two weeks before any parachute display.

The minimum lead time for a parachute display is at least 7 days for smaller events, and up to 6 weeks for larger events where we need to engage with local authorities and Joint Operations Command (JOC).

An absolute minimum of 4 working days is typically required for our permit application process – this is once all of the paperwork is complete and ready to submit.

For larger high profile events we often need to engage with the official Joint Operations Command (JOC) – which is made up of local authorities and disaster management representatives. Please allow additional time to plan and administrate for larger high profile public events.

Please allow at least 5 working days for the design and production of branded banners and streamers and to order any specific coloured smoke canisters.

Branded parachutes take approximately 8 – 10 weeks to have manufactured.

All skydiving displays are subject to careful scrutiny of any potential hazards unique to the particular event and conditions at the time, and will be executed with due consideration for all parties involved (parachutists and spectators).

It is our standard procedure to have an on-site safety briefing in the proposed landing area with all parties concerned prior to any parachute display.

Parachute displays are performed by specifically selected highly experienced Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) PRO rated skydivers.

Each individual parachute display is performed at the discretion of the designated Jump Master / Safety Officer and in accordance with the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) Manual of Procedures (MOPs) whilst taking into consideration weather conditions and any specific safety concerns at the time.

Should we deem the weather conditions unsuitable for a safe display we may bring forwards or delay our display, or stand down completely.

Flags, banners, streamers and other requested items will be carried / flown at the discretion of the designated Jump Master / Safety Officer.

We will work closely with you and your team to ensure safe and spectacular skydiving and parachute displays every time.

Aerial FX is authorised to perform demonstration jumps in accordance with the PASA Manual of Procedures as lodged with the Recreation Aviation Administration South Africa (RAASA), being the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA-CAA) designated authority for recreational aviation.

Parachute displays are subject to individual approval from the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA), the SA Civil Aviation Authority (SA-CAA) and Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS), and are conducted in accordance with the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) Manual of Procedures (MOPs) and part 105 of the SA Civil Aviation (CAA) regulations.

CAA / ARO / 0004

Aerial FX an independently owned and operated non-drop zone operation registered with the Association of Drop Zone Operators (ADZO), an autonomous subsidiary of the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA).

Through the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) parachute displays are covered by 3rd party public liability insurance.