We have tested, make use of, and have extensive experience with all kinds of equipment.

If you need some specific advice about anything, just ask.

If you have something you would like us to test out, please let us know.

Order through us any product from any of the suppliers/manufacturers listed below, and we guarantee you the same prices as you would get if you went direct to the supplier/manufacturer. With no markups.

Depending on the size of your order, we may offer you a special deal, a discount on something skydiving related, something for free, or may enter you in a draw to win something spectacular.

We can provide product information and honest advice, arrange for product demonstrations and facilitate your orders for the full product ranges from the following:

Please contact us to directly discuss your Parachute Systems order, including single parachute system emergency Pilot Pacs.

Through our endeavours, pursuits, displays and daily activities we can provide sponsors with:

• Product and brand exposure at a wide range of high profile events
• Product and brand exposure within the skydiving, aviation, and extreme sports community
• Product and brand action photo opportunities
• Photo and video material of product and brand in action
• Media and social media exposure
• Case studies, testimonials, and links from our website
• High-profile branded parachute display opportunities
• Branding on aircraft, vehicles, jump suits, DVDs, in edited video productions, and more
• Product and brand positioning opportunities
• Branding at the Drop Zones and skydiving and parachuting events around the country

Also, HD video and high-res photos shot from head cams, hand cams, and aircraft mounted cams can be provided, edited into exciting productions, and utilised in a range of creative ways.

The following equipment can be provided, appropriately branded, and put into immediate use at a range of drop zones and skydiving events around Southern Africa:

• Student Helmets
• Student Jump Suits
• Tandem Passenger Jump Suits
• Team Clothing and Jump Suits
• Digital Editing and Suites
• Colour Photo Printers