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So you want to start skydiving?

So you want to skydive?

Skydive Tandem Promotion Video.

Warriors Extreme Gap Year – Tandems and Student Training

Stimorol Spring Break Sun City – Parachute Display

Salgaocar Swaziland – Parachute Display for the King

SkyDive for Rhinos 2012 Campaign – Official Video

Delivering the scissors for Miss South Africa to cut the ribbon at the Tourism Indaba

Garth and Emma’s Wedding – Delivering the wedding rings

Delivering the Rings @ Thymeless Tings in the Cradle of Human Kindness… from Mike Rumble on Vimeo.

Axe Apollo Space Camp South Africa

Bonang Matheba Tandem Skydive into Alexandra Stadium for the launch of Entrepreneur Y-Age

The Ranch SkyDiving Boogie and Symposium

Grant’s Tandem SkyDive – out of a wheelchair and into the sky

Out of a wheelchair and into the sky – Grant Will Skydives… from Mike Rumble on Vimeo

Reactions after Tandem Skydiving…

RedBull Marketing Team – Tandem Skydiving

G-Tribe Launch – Parachute Display

Tswaing Crater Event – Parachute Display

SkyDive for Rhinos 2012 Campaign – Promotional Video

Landing a parachute on the back of a moving quad bike

New Years Eve Night Display into FNB Stadium

Margate Skydiving Boogie

Jumping a Cheetah Light Sport Aircraft at Kitty Hawk MISASA Fly In

Off for a quick chopper jump

Skydiving in Botswana at the Makgadikgadi Pans.

Organised by the Parachute Association of Botswana and SkyDiversity.

Sponsored and supported by Botswana Tourism; the Botswana Defence Force and a mad contingent of South African Sport Skydivers.

Makgadikgadi Epic 2014 – Dragon training from Tom Gardner on Vimeo.